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Webinar Feb 20: TIESS' Planning the growth of your social purpose organization for greater impact

When? February 20, 2024
At what time? 10:30 a.m. to 12 p.m.
Where? Online

Meet and discuss with field experts, Hoffman Wolff, (SEEnet – RDN), Viviana Fernandez (CDRQ) and Jason Prince (PME Mtl) in this webinar animated by Martine Brouillette (CRÉ – Capitale-Nationale and former TIESS employee) to introduce the idea of scaling in your organization, find out how to scale, learn about successful examples and access useful resources.

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What does scaling in the social economy mean?

Social purpose organizations will consider scaling when they wish to increase their positive impact to reach more people or to answer to new and unanswered needs, but it can also be a strategy to ensure their economic survival, in order to be more efficient and to perpetuate their model. In some cases, scaling involves:

  • joining forces with similar or complementary organizations, to multiply their potential for action;
  • exporting a tried-and-tested model or recognized know-how, which saves communities from having to reinvent the wheel;
  • taking action on an issue at institutional or political level to bring about more widespread change with a view to social transformation.

Discover the guide Scaling in the social economy and meet a panel of experts to learn how to increase your social impact and access resources to help your organization achieve its scaling strategy.

Presentation: Martine Brouillette, Development and Partnership Advisor, Conseil régional de l’environnement – Capitale-Nationale, former TIESS employee.


  • Hoffman Wolff, Social Economy Manager, SEEnet – Regional Development Network
  • Viviana Fernandez, Senior Cooperative Development Advisor – Finance, CDRQ
  • Jason Prince, Director – Consulting Services and Financing – Social Economy, PME Mtl

About the project

Scaling is a complex process that requires both specific expertise and dedicated resources. To help social enterprises meet all the needs that emerge in this process, TIESS aims to equip the ecosystem to better support the scaling of social economy enterprises and increase their social impact. Click here to know more (in French)

About the tools
The Scaling in the social economy guide is intended for members and leaders of social economy enterprises who are involved in planning their organization’s development and operations. It may be of interest to people who are just learning about scaling, as well as those more familiar with the concept, such as those wanting to validate their strategy.

Since 2013, TIESS has been contributing to the development of the social and solidarity economy and Quebec’s territories by documenting innovative solutions to equip organizations to transform their practices and address various social issues. With its monitoring, liaison and transfer mandates, TIESS broadens visions, contributes to the understanding of issues, stimulates innovative ideas and ultimately generates promising solutions for the benefit of communities. Visit:

About the 10th anniversary series
This webinar is part of our special 10th anniversary series, which will address many of the major themes that have kept TIESS busy over the years, revisiting some of our flagship publications while showcasing our most recent achievements. The series aims to demonstrate the breadth of the work of TIESS and its partners, while highlighting the achievements of this decade.