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Webinar Feb 15: CAFIID's Profit Sharing and Gender Bonus Models to Accelerate Impact Pt.2

On February 15th at noon EST, join the Canada Forum for Impact Investment and Development (CAFIID) in Part 2 of a fireside chat with Eva Yazhari, founder and General Partner of Beyond Capital Ventures, a women-led venture capital firm that invests in early-stage companies in India and East Africa.  In October, 2023 we heard from Eva about the innovative funding structures and approaches that the fund has developed to accelerate impact:

  • Using their Equitable Venture model, Beyond Capital Ventures shares a portion of its carried interest with portfolio company founders who meet performance milestones;
  • Drawing on their deep commitment to gender equality, and to encourage their portfolio companies to promote women into management roles and adopt gender-inclusive policies, Beyond Capital Ventures uses a Gender Empowerment Bonus.  Companies that meet these additional criteria are eligible to double their carry. 

In this discussion on February 15th, we will hear more from Eva about these models, updates on results to date and dive deeper into some of the questions that emerged from the first session. 

We hope you can join us during this inspiring conversation with Eva.

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