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Report by TIESS: Scaling Up in the Social Economy

This guide is intended for members and leaders of social economy enterprises who are involved in planning their organizations’ development and operations. It may be of interest to people who are just learning about scaling, as well as those more familiar with the concept, such as those wanting to validate their strategy.

CLICK HERE to download the report in English.

Summary of the guide: 

Social economy enterprises must constantly juggle challenges and development opportunities, while staying true to the enterprise’s purpose. To do this, they need to put the right strategies in place for their specific situation, vision, and scaling goals.

Part 1 of this guide defines scaling and further explains what it involves, recognizing that it is not the best fit for every organization.

Part 2 outlines different scaling strategies and identifies the various implications of each, both human and technical. This part begins with a flowchart of questions that members and leaders of social economy enterprises can use to find the best type of strategy for their situation. Real-life examples of social economy enterprises in Quebec and a case study of a fictional business (Sunshine Bakery) are provided to illustrate each strategy in a more concrete manner.

In Part 3, the reader can learn about real-life organizations that have implemented hybrid or made-to-measure strategies.

Finally, Part 4 focuses on resources that are useful for scaling in the social economy.

Look out for an announcement about a February webinar from TIESS (including in English) geared towards Social Purpose Organizations interested in scaling up.