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Contribute to territorial development through the transfer of knowledge by equipping social and solidarity economy organizations so that they can face societal challenges in an innovative way and transform their practices.




Social innovation in the social and solidarity economy sector is often the result of the work of organizations and their partners. By relying on the existing networks of practitioners and researchers, on their initiatives and their skills, we seek to  develop and strengthen the links between all the players concerned.

aims to identify promising experiences . It also relies on collaboration with researchers and other monitoring structures in order to list and disseminate existing experiences and work , both in Quebec and elsewhere in the world.

The transfer takes shape in the joint work of researchers and practitioners of the social economy and territorial development. It aims to make existing knowledge and information accessible through the production of various tools (teaching tools, video, articles, website, etc.) and to integrate new knowledge or processes into the practice of organizations .



In its work, TIESS intends to:

  • support the capacity for innovation and the strengthening of collective capacities in the territories;
  • promote the democratization of knowledge and, more broadly, the democratization of the economy and society;
  • work towards societal and ecological transition as well as the establishment of an inclusive development model, centered on the search for the common good.



The TIESS transfer approach is based on the co-construction of knowledge. It recognizes that academic and practical knowledge complement each other. It is based on the connection of researchers and practitioners (liaison) as well as on monitoring work carried out from its working structures and its members. It aims at an appropriation of knowledge in the practice of organizations.


The TIESS is the reference in Quebec in the transfer of knowledge in the social and solidarity economy and its action is firmly anchored in the ecosystem of the social and solidarity economy both regionally and nationally.

Our distinctive strengths:

  • the expertise, creativity, openness, professionalism and diversity of our team and our network;
  • our ability to connect and bring together actors as diverse as they are relevant;
  • our distinctive approach placing the major issues of the day at the heart of our action and aligning regional, sectoral and national interests;
  • the importance we attach to building together something greater than the action of each individual and to working in search of the common good.