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Raven Indigenous Capital Partners

Founded in 2018, Raven Indigenous Capital Partners is an Indigenous-led and owned social finance intermediary headquartered in Vancouver, BC. Raven’s work is divided into three inter-related streams:

  1. the Raven Indigenous Impact Fund, a venture capital platform providing late seed and early state equity to purpose-driven Indigenous enterprises;
  2. Community-Driven Outcomes Contracts (CDOCs), a series of pay for performance bonds in the areas of renewable energy and diabetes prevention; and
  3. Raven Capital +, capacity building and advisory services to Indigenous enterprises and communities.  

Raven has two distinct roles in the IRP. First, Raven will design and deliver a fully Indigenized social enterprise accelerator in 2020, drawing between 20 to 24 exceptional participants from across Canada. Secondly, Raven hopes to work directly with Indigenous IRP funding recipients in the areas of capacity building and investment readiness support.