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New Power Labs

New Power Labs is a collaborative platform to inform, co-create, and mobilize new approaches and practices to flow capital more equitably.

New Power Labs works with organizations deploying capital, supporting them through their journey of flowing capital more equitably.

We are working towards a society in which everyone in Canada has equitable access to capital.

We are accelerating equitable access to capital in Canada through collaborative research, convenings, education, and benchmarking.

We aggregate and synthesize knowledge and resources, and lead research to uncover and share actionable tools and best practices transforming how equity, diversity, and inclusion are applied by practitioners. We work in partnership across the capital spectrum, from philanthropy to impact investing to venture capital/private equity and bank financing.

Capital is power that flows through our society.
Power is concentrated and exclusive. 

To make capital more equitable, we must understand how capital flows and who holds this power.

Equitable capital flows remove barriers and biases, and facilitate access. This unlocks capital to those excluded, inclusive of many diversities: gender identity, ethnicity, disability, sexual orientation, language, geography, age, neurodiversity, or socioeconomic class, expanding economic opportunity.

We believe we move faster and further through collaboration.

Data and transparency drives accountability and change in new power.