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New Market Funds Society

New Market Funds is a multi-fund manager with over five years of experience supporting and building Canada’s social finance sector in a collaborative, innovative, and community-driven way. Focused on purposeful performance to support community needs, including affordable housing equity and community lending, the NMFI platform acts in three ways: the Community Forward Fund (CFF), the Canadian Co-operative Investment Fund (CCIF), as well as the non-profit developer New Commons Development. Today, the growing NMFI platform connects $65 million of private capital from over 70 investors to non-profits, charities, and co-operatives across Canada.

New Market Funds looks to support the growth of Canada’s social finance intermediaries through three sub-projects:

  1. The National Impact Investment Practitioner’s Table, a pan-Canadian practitioner-led community of practice, looking to assess and identify trends, emerging needs, and best practices in the social finance sector to improve intermediary service delivery.
  2. Expanding Access to Impact Investment, a research project focused on the market development strategy to engage and enable non-institutional investors in Canada.
  3. Small Communities Initiative, with the aim of supporting rural, remote, and Indigenous small community intermediaries and service delivery partners in attracting, structuring, and growing community investments.