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McConnell Innoweave

Innoweave is a program of McConnell Foundation. Over the last 7 years, Innoweave has helped 1,000s of organizations across Canada adopt social innovation approaches to enhance their impact. Innoweave has a series of social innovation coaching streams (e.g. Impact & Strategic Clarity, Social Enterprise, Collective Impact, Developmental Evaluation, etc.) where organizations can access information, explore their readiness, and begin implementing approaches with the help of our network of coaches.

In our Social Finance Investment Readiness stream, Innoweave helps organizations:

  1. Learn about social finance with real examples of how it is being used to create more positive change;
  2. Generate ideas for how their organization can use social finance to enhance their impact;
  3. Clarify a social finance project idea to be mission-aligned, operationally feasible, and financial viable; and
  4. Connect organizations to appropriate service providers that can meet their investment-readiness needs.