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Employment and Social Development Canada (ESDC)

The mission of Employment and Social Development Canada (ESDC), including the Labour Program and Service Canada, is to build a stronger and more inclusive Canada, to support Canadians in helping them live productive and rewarding lives and improving Canadians’ quality of life.

Mandate and role

ESDC delivers programs and services to each and every Canadian throughout their lives in a significant capacity. ESDC fulfills its’ mission by mission by:

  1. developing policies that ensure Canadians can use their talents, skills and resources to participate in learning, work and their community
  2. delivering programs that help Canadians move through life’s transitions, from school to work, from one job to another, from unemployment to employment, from the workforce to retirement
  3. providing income support to seniors, families with children and those unemployed due to job loss, illness or caregiving responsibilities
  4. helping Canadians with distinct needs such as Indigenous people, persons with disabilities, homeless people, travelers and recent immigrants
  5. ensuring labour relations stability by providing mediation services
  6. promoting a fair and healthy workplace by enforcing minimum working conditions, promoting decent work and employment equity, and fostering respect for international labour standards; and
  7. delivering programs and services on behalf of other departments and agencies