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Common Good Solutions

Common Good Solutions is one of the world’s leading social enterprise service providers

From developing community engagement tools to harness broader impact to coaching individuals on their purpose-led enterprises, CGS is on a mission to build vibrant, just and sustainable communities.

Our Mission

In everything we do, Common Good Solutions’ mission is to strengthen organizations so they can build vibrant, just, and sustainable communities.

Our Story

Common Good Solutions helps individuals and purpose-led businesses start, grow and make a meaningful impact. Our vision is to see every business enrich its local community and the lives of its customers and employees. Our everyday aim is to transform the way business is done to build strong community based enterprises that nurture the health and sustainability of communities across Canada.

Our Commitment to Sustainability

We work to uncover and address the root causes of social, economic, cultural and environmental challenges. We seek to address structural forces, rather than symptoms, to produce long-lasting impact.