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Canadian Community Economic Development Network

CCEDNet is a member-led association connecting people and ideas for action to build local economies that strengthen communities and benefit everyone. Its members are part of a movement creating community-based solutions to local and global challenges. They include non-profits, cooperatives, social enterprises, other associations, and a range of relevant individuals. CCEDNET’s work includes building regional networks, knowledge translation and capacity building projects, public policy development, convening working groups and events to build relationships across regions and models, providing administrative support to related projects, and a range of other initiatives as opportunity arises.

CCEDNet is organizing stakeholders at the regional scale to raise awareness of and develop coherent local ecosystems for social innovation and social finance. The primary focus is on fostering grassroots, community-led innovation with an emphasis on inclusion, diversity, and equity. Key activities include creating opportunities for peer support and dialogue, hosting or participating in events at regional and national scales, and working with leaders in regions to develop sustainability strategies for regional collectives, networks, or other supportive structures beyond the IRP. Additionally, a Community Leadership for Social Innovation learning program will be developed and delivered.