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Afro-Caribbean Business Network

The Afro-Caribbean Business Network (ACBN)’s objective is to provide Black businesses with the resources they need to start, grow and scale up. Our goal is to ensure that our businesses are prosperous—and part of the fabric of Canadian business for years to come.

Our network encourages the pursuit of entrepreneurship and developing connections to help business owners stay engaged during their entrepreneurial journey and leave a lasting legacy.

ACBN offers programs such as:

The ACBN Accelerator

Our accelerator is designed to support founders of Black entrepreneurs who are running their business for 2 or more years but don’t have a business plan, they are experiencing a gap in their knowledge to develop the right infrastructure and processes to reach new markets and sales targets for growth. We have created a 6-months pre-seed business accelerator with pathways to optimize your business through training, supports, mentorship and opportunities to become investment ready.

Black Founders in Clean Technology

In this course, you will engage with top industry experts and business colleagues to learn how to analyze the market potential of a cleantech business idea, craft a compelling value proposition, and develop community and business networks. You will participate in holistic learning experiences designed to support personal and professional growth alongside venture development. This course is offered in collaboration with the Afro-Caribbean Business Network and Sheridan’s EDGE Entrepreneurship Hub. ACBN is a network that unifies and educates African and Caribbean entrepreneurs as they grow successful and sustainable businesses. EDGE is an incubator for purpose-driven ventures and a community of people who believe entrepreneurship can make lasting change in society.

Ubuntu Program

The Afro Caribbean Business Network (ACBN) has a  Metaverse program called Ubuntu  to help build community networks and support.  A metaverse simply, is a space for people to participate and share in a virtual universe. Ubuntu allows the community to participate in community events, workshops and social gatherings.

Youth Village

Youth Village Intergenerational Conversations Project involves peer to peer conversations amongst youth and mature entrepreneurs, bringing a wealth of shared knowledge, experience, insight, vision, and value to growth and success in entrepreneurship.

This program highlights the mutual benefits of intergenerational collaboration through storytelling, and lessons learnt from experiences to provide participants with an opportunity to build relationships with one another in support of intergenerational knowledge exchange. The program is intended for an intergenerational audience which includes both young and mature entrepreneurs.