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Victoria Native Friendship Centre

Cowichan Sweater Resurgence

The Victoria Native Friendship Centre encourages and promotes the well-being of urban Indigenous people by strengthening individuals, families, and community. The Victoria Native Friendship Centre, in partnership with Victoria-based clothing store Ecologyst, will revive the locally sourced Cowichan sweater knitting industry, providing fair wages for the knitters, so that Indigenous artisans can earn a living and be fairly compensated for their designs and knowledge. Fair wages for knitters will lead to more funds for stable housing, food, and better outcomes for Indigenous children and families. The project aims to expand employment in Indigenous crafts, engage Elders in mentoring/marketing, disrupt local supply chains, introduce new investors and end-use buyers, and build capacity at all levels.

Grant amount: $75,000

Location: British Columbia
Program Focus: Social Enterprise
Grant Streams: Investment Readiness 2022