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Nada And Sea Smart

Increasing Accessibility to Food Sustainability Initiatives & Engagement in Plastic Pollution Reduction

Nada, a tech-enabled package-free grocery store and delivery company, and Sea Smart, which delivers solution-based programming on ocean pollution reduction and environmental issues in BC to youth, are collaborating to reduce the carbon footprint of the food supply chain while improving the accessibility of healthy, local, and sustainably sourced foods. Nada and Sea Smart will engage new communities in sustainable practices while raising revenues for both organizations through the optimization of Nada Grocery’s e-commerce platform and the expansion of Nada’s ‘Food For All Initiative’, a program that promotes food accessibility and security for social housing residents, and through Sea Smart’s outreach via marketing and community events highlighting environmentally conscious consumerism.

Grant amount: $75,000

Location: British Columbia
Program Focus: Social Enterprise
Grant Streams: Investment Readiness 2022