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Kemet Advanced Manufacturing Ltd. And Institute For Sexual Minority Studies & Services

Personalized Medicine for Gender / Sexual Diverse Populations

Kemet’s long-term goal is to build transportable medication manufacturing facilities to address extensive critical medication shortages. Kemet’s pilot facility – KemPound Compounding & Repackaging Pharmacy makes personalized medications for sale to other pharmacies and healthcare professionals and are currently exploring personalized medicine for underserved communities. Kemet Advanced Manufacturing Ltd., in collaboration with the Institute for Sexual Minority Studies & Services (iSMSS) will assess current and ongoing pharmaceutical needs of gender and sexual diverse populations across Canada, work to gain an understanding of current medication use patterns and see where medication makers should focus their efforts for patient-centered pharmaceutical care for these communities.

Grant amount: $75,000

Location: Alberta
Program Focus: Social Enterprise
Grant Streams: Investment Readiness 2022