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Guelph Community Health Centre

Scaling Up Groceries from the SEED

Groceries from The SEED is the Guelph Community Health Centre (GCHC)’s flagship social enterprise designed to increase access to nutritious foods among households facing food insecurity. It is the first sliding scale online grocery store in Canada with the goal of making Guelph-Wellington the first community in Canada where everyone has access to good food. GCHC plans to do this by delivering food programs and operating social enterprises to increase access to healthy food, train and employ youth, and generate revenue for reinvestment. Groceries from the SEED pay-what-you-choose pricing model means choice and dignity for people of all incomes while shopping for high quality groceries that are delivered to their door.

Grant amount: $73,350

Location: Ontario
Program Focus: Social Enterprise
Grant Streams: Investment Readiness 2022