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Community Foundations of Canada webinar Nov 7th: Rethinking Social Entrepreneurship webinar

IRP branded image with light blue background announcing this webinar Reimagining Social Entrepreneurship

Community Foundations of Canada (CFC) is hosting a webinar on November 7th.

The Investment Readiness Program (IRP) was created to support social purpose organizations (charities, non-profits, for-profit social enterprises, co-operatives) as they develop their entrepreneurial projects, and work towards goals of becoming investment-ready in Canada’s growing social finance market. The Rethinking Social Entrepreneurship Lite webinar will support you in this work.

Registrants, please watch the Rethinking Social Entrepreneurship recording prior to our webinar. This recording will lay the groundwork for our webinar, aims to inspire you with the incredible possibilities of social entrepreneurship and then shares tools that will help you explore and create your own social impact journey. 

We ask that all participants watch the recording prior to attending this webinar as this will allow us to spend our time together digging into some real-world examples to practice the tools on, and a question and answer session to help deepen your understanding of these concepts.

This content is the culmination of over a decade of the Trico Charitable Foundation funding social enterprises, hosting awards, holding events, researching, reading and engaging in dialogue about social enterprise across the planet. Inspired by many, this content is a unique contribution to the social enterprise space that squarely focuses on ‘how to’ practical insights to help you to fully harness the power of business models to serve social impact.

Register now on the Community Foundations of Canada website.