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Social Finance Fund News – Announcing Boann's Inaugural Investment: Raven Indigenous Outcomes Fund

On November 15th 2023, Boann CEO Derek Ballantyne and Jeff Cyr, Co-Founder and Managing Partner of Raven Capital Partners, took to the stage at the Raven Outcomes Finance Summit to announce Boann’s pioneering investment in the Raven Indigenous Outcomes Fund.

The Raven Indigenous Outcomes Fund (RIOF) is a first-of-its-kind fund (C$50M) that manages outcomes-based financing instruments to address priority issues in Indigenous communities.
Read the full press release here

“Indigenous Peoples and communities have long deserved a higher level of wellbeing and the ability to shape how human services are provided. We are at a unique moment in history where we have the social finance fund and the work of our wholesaler aligning with community priorities and government objectives,” said Jeff Cyr.

“Outcomes finance operates at this unique nexus aligning public, private and philanthropic capital. However, most importantly it actions UNDRIP to create self-determined services, this collective action will reshape the landscape of social finance and, more importantly, improve the lives of countless individuals and communities. I invite investors to really put their capital to work in this unique opportunity. Together we will do great things.”

This is the first investment through which Boann Social Impact will help advance social finance in Canada. RIOF was selected by Boann’s Investment Committee, an independent body with exclusive responsibility over investment decisions. This investment affirms Boann’s commitment to fostering positive change by nurturing a strong social finance sector in Canada and modeling what investing for impact can look like.

To learn more about Boann Social Impact, our investment process, or to reach out with an opportunity for investment, visit

Read more about the Raven Indigenous Outcomes Fund from Raven Indigenous Capital Partners’ website here.